Las Olas Grand Playas de Rosarito

  • Type of Area: Single Tower Condo Development
  • View: Oceanfront
  • AVG For Sale:$400,000 USD
  • AVG For Rent:$1500 USD
  • Amenities: Los Christales Restaurant, Community Pools: Ground level resort oceanfront pool, Infinity pool on the 3rd floor, Oceanfront Gym, Oceanfront Basketball court, Oceandront tennis court, Oceanfront Volleyball area, Board walk ways, Covered parking, Full time maintenence crew, Granite countertops, Secured access, Security Guard on duty, well maintained common grounds, HOA fees aprox $300.00
  • Cons: Little closet space, badly planned elevator access, Parking limited, security can be easily breached by saying you are coming to Los Christales Restaurant
  • Status: Finished – builder still has a few units
  • Residents: 80% foreigners / 20% upper class mexicans
  • Sold Out: 85%
  • Area: Las Olas Grand Playas de Rosarito
    • Considered: Playas de Rosarito
    • Technically:Playas de Rosarito
  • Location: Only 35 minutes south of the San Ysidro border with Sand Diego Ca.


US (760) 305-9939 / MX (661) 108-0826 EMAIL: